It’s a hard life for a lone griffin, trying to feed and care for her remaining chick after her mate was killed in a raid. When Sophaaru discovers abandoned dragon hatchlings will she leave them to the wilderness or take them in care for them as one of her own?

“The Sons of Air and Fire” by Xeans

Read by Kemmy

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The Ursa Major Awards are open for nominations. For those who aren’t familiar with them, they are the analog to the Hugos, fan-voted awards, for the furry fandom.

As nominations are open to any and all works, we would would like to nominate the Athro Dreams Podcast for the Magazine category, and the  Different Worlds, Different Skins anthology for the Other Literary Work category.

Regardless of what you vote for though, if you’re in the fandom and interested in the awards, just vote for the projects you like, to help give them visibility.

PodCastle, the fantasy fiction podcast, has a new story with anthropomorphic characters, and two older ones which are also of interest.

Marsh Gods by Ann Leckie is in the same world as The Nalendar. Both tales deal with gods, usually in the form of animals or nature spirits, living amongst men, sometimes helping them, and always vying for their devotion. The world and the gods which inhabit them are fascinating, as our the rules governing the gods interactions with people. The stories are slightly mature due to some violence, but not more than would be seen on broadcast television.

I’ll Give In by Meghan McCarron is interesting tale of a woman meeting the new neighbor, a minotaur, and being tempted by the mythical stranger. It’s metaphor in the shape of a moving relationship drama with a fantasy twist. This story is more adult for including non-explicit sex.

Escape Pod, the science-fiction podcast magazine has two new episodes with anthropomorphic characters in them.

His Master’s Voice is an interesting look at genetic engineering and uplifted animals.

And Littleblossom Makes a Deal With the Devil is a war drama, complete with AI battle tanks and intelligent missiles.