AD 040 – Visits from Saint Nicholas   December 29th, 2011

Merry Christmas, we have another holiday episode for you before the close of the year. Tonight’s stories offer different takes on a visit by Saint Nicholas, with anthropomorphic twists.

“Damage Control” by Cindy Ray
Read by Peter Katt

“Greytiger Saves Christmas” by Will A. Sanborn
Read by Chris Hvidsten of the Outcast Novel Podcast

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Download or listen to the story here.


AD 039 – Christmas Gifts   December 23rd, 2011

We have two dramatic stories for the Christmas season tonight; tales of love and loss and an offer of a new chance for happiness.

“Jingle Bells” by Vixyy Fox
Read by Chris Hvidsten of the Outcast Novel Podcast

“An Older World” by Renee Carter Hall
Read by Peter Katt

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Sound effects used from the Freesound Project

Download or listen to the episode here.

AD Flash 020 – Ger   December 23rd, 2011

Ger, an indoor mouse, sneaks out from the manor house in search of adventures, but will the great wild world be more than he imagined?

“Ger” by Tafkart

Read by Peter “Terril” Schytte

Download or listen to the episode here.

A Horse of Many Colours   December 22nd, 2011

A Horse of Many Colours by Michael Bard

Print Book, $14.95, available from Amazon and Lulu.
Kindle eBook, $6.95, available from Amazon.
iTunes eBook, $5.99, available from Apple.
Nook eBook, $5.99, available from Barnes & Noble.
epub eBook, $6.95, available from Lulu.
eBooks, $5.99, available from Bad Dog Books.

Download a sample of the book here.

What do ancient Greece, Golden Age science fiction, horses, and the art of costuming all have in common? Michael W. Bard, of course!

From generation ships to unicorns and from the psychology of the costumed performer to the carefully-calculated escape velocity of a bunny-taur, these are the worlds of the noted “furry” author Michael Bard! Come and ride along with the Galactic Patrol, construct a dragon miniature that has a mind of its own, and learn what it means to be trapped in the role of a method actor for the rest of time.

Michael was taken from us far too early – he passed away unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm in 2010 at the age of 44. But his dreams live on in this volume to be enjoyed by the rest of us forevermore. And best of all, the proceeds go to benefit the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

Michael’s passions were myriad, and each of them left their unmistakable footprints on his fiction. So come with us and sail across endless seas with a squirrel and an otter as shipmates, and find the true meaning of love in the depths of a stained glass window. Become a season, and prove yourself worthy to be the first equine ever to join the Galactic Patrol. Take a little break from reality and perceive the universe as Michael did, through his gentle Canadian soul. And when you’re done, you’ll miss Michael every bit as much as we do.

Cover artwork by Heather Bruton.

AD 038 – “Rekindle the Sun”   December 11th, 2011

Sometimes matters of the heart can be as complex and unpredictable as the mechanics applied of astrophysics.

“Rekindle the Sun” by Mary E. Lowd

Read by Peter Katt

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Download or listen to the episode here.