Alone in the Dark   July 18th, 2009

Alone in the Dark cover

Alone in the Dark: Anthropomorphic Tales
of the Things that go Bump in the Night

Print Book, $19.95, available from Amazon and Lulu.

Download a sample of the book here.

Using the meta-genre of anthropomorphic animals, this anthology collects tales of dramatic horror, with stories that are both atmospheric and affecting. The anthropomorphism is also used in a wider sense as well, humanizing The Other, including stories with sympathetic monsters.

Warning: Most of this book is general-interest, but there are some darker and harder stories of a mature theme.

This collection provides a wide selection of horror. There’s dark fantasy and speculative fiction, stories inspired by both Rod Serling and H. P. Lovecraft. There are campfire tales and ghost stories, up through stronger tales at the darker end of the spectrum. There’s psychological horror and some non-traditional tales which add their own spooky flavor, and some lighter stories and even a bit of comic relief to balance things out.

Featuring stories by Simon Barber, Michael Bard, Austin Crowder, William Eakins, Kathleen Fenlon, Kevin Frane, Jason Gillespie, Chris Goodwin, Renee Carter Hall, Allen Kitchen, Watts Martin, Brian L. Miller, J. Scott Rogers, Will A. Sanborn, SeHT, Thomas Shaw, and Tim Susman.

And Illustration artwork by Anka, S. M. Bittler (“Synnabar”), Heather Bruton, W. Michael “Wolfie” Dooley, Amber “Vantid” Hill, and Sara “Caribou” Palmer.  Cover artwork by Sara “Caribou” Palmer.

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