cover_new_technicolor_dreams_artbook_800The Artwork of New Technicolor Dreams

Edited by Will A. Sanborn

Print Book, $11.95, available from Lulu.

This is a companion book to New Technicolor Dreams.

The illustrations from the stories of Will A. Sanborn are collected here, displayed in a larger format to showcase the beauty of the artwork. Note: This gallery contains only the illustration artwork. It is a companion to the anthology “New Technicolor Dreams,” where Will’s stories are collected. Once you’ve seen the artwork, check out the story collection, to get the full picture of the tales shown in glimpses here.

The artwork collected here is not only from the new book, but also includes select illustrations from previous editions of Will’s story anthologies. Cover artwork for this book is by Sara “Caribou” Palmer. This gallery features art from: S. M. Bittler (“Synnabar”), Heather Bruton, Steve Carter, Lonnie DiNello (“Beerhorse”), Bernard Doove, Scott Fabianek (“K-9”), Megan Giles, E.K. Goya, Tim Johnson (“Ravenwolf”), “Melskunk,” Cara Mitten, Kacey Miyagami, Sara “Caribou” Palmer, Shannon Stuart, “Sheena Was” and “Sue Deer.”