AD Flash 027 – Blackout   August 13th, 2012

Stripping off, Jessy Salem examined her fur-covered body in the mirror for the millionth time. She liked to think that she was getting used to it. She told herself she was getting used to it. Still, the chore of bathing always put her in a foul mood.

“Blackout” by Evan Marshall

Read by Christopher Williams

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Download or listen to the episode here.

Evan “Morse” Marshall is a student of electrical engineering by day and generally asleep by night. When he is not overwhelmed by academic life he enjoys swimming, sailing, or backpacking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

He is not very good at piano, but enjoys pretending with a local music group on weekends. He collects slide rules as well as hobbies. Evan is, ironically, not very fond of shellfish.

“Blackout” is a snapshot in the months following Jessy Salem’s transformation. It is the first story in a shared universe where were-animalism is common, but has only recently reached some level of acceptance. The world was created to explore some of the more humorous, mildly annoying aspects of being stuck with fur, fangs, and a tail.


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