AD 044 – Su Ling   October 10th, 2012

Su Ling is a prankster, a young Si’amese girl who loves to play tricks on others. When her brothers are set to be married by the local match makers, Su Ling plays a prank that brings some unexpected results.

“Su Ling” by Carmen K. Welsh

Read by Christopher Williams

Music cues by Infinity Squared 

Listen to or download the episode here.

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2 Responses

November 6th, 2012 at 6:37 am
Donald Says:

I really like the tone of this story. I think you hit a nice balance between the modern narrative and what I perceive to be folktale roots for the story. I think the inclusion of the mocking children’s song is a nice, oriental touch. I love the way the oriental narrative traditions I’m aware of blend poetry and prose.

Hmm… Furry wuxia… LOL

Anyway, one of the greatest compliments I can give a story is that it inspires me to go back to my own writing. I love “Su Ling” — have you done more with her?

February 15th, 2013 at 10:32 pm
Carmen K. Says:

Thanks Donald,

This was my first published story, back in 2000.
I’ve wanted to do more stories with Su, but focused on other cat stories within the “Tabber the Red” cycle. I really should do a part two! I appreciate that you were inspired by “Su Ling”. A Tang Dynasty short story inspired me to write it!
AnthroDreams did another of my stories, titled “I Guard the Gate”.

Again, thanks so much.