Cecil Pondsmythe is a platypus screenwriter, trying to land his first sale. When he gets a once in a lifetime opportunity, can he make it in Hollywood without selling out?

Note, the story is rated Mature/PG-13for some mentions of non-explicit sex, though everything happens off-camera.

Cecil Pondsmythe: Platypus Boy-Toy of Hollywood by Murphy Z

Read by Christopher Williams

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Download or listen to the episode here.

Drabblecast – Local Delicacies   December 3rd, 2014

Breaking the silence after too long a hiatus, here’s a link of interest, a strange and entertaining audio story that fans of strange and alien animals may find interesting.

Drabblecast, the podcast of weird fiction, ran Local Delicacies  by  Fran Wilde. The tale shows a resourceful restaurant manager dealing with some rather unique and very challenging customers.