The podcast has been on hiatus, and is most likely discontinued for good. It was a fun and fulfilling venture while it lasted, but with work and life, I had less and less time to work on it and my focus was elsewhere. It got to be like a chore and that’s when it was time to walk away.

Thank you for the authors and narrators who provided work for the podcast, and the fans who let us know the work was enjoyed. My hope is that this podcast may have inspired others in the fandom and someone else may decide to take up the torch for anthro/furry audio fiction.

So with the podcast discontinued, I cancelled the service on Libsyn as I was paying every month for a service I wasn’t using. Therefore the episodes are no longer available there, and the links to the episodes are broken. However, I have archived every episode in lower-bandwidth form in my gallery on FurAffinity, so the episodes can be found and downloaded/listened to there.