Anthropomorphic Dreams Podcast CD Volume 1   March 31st, 2010

Anthropomorphic Dreams Podcast CD Volume 1 (2009)

MP3 C, $9.95, available from FurPlanet.

Want to catch up on all the back-episodes of the podcast in one place and help support the podcast, then check out our CD collection from our first year in production.

Anthropomorphic Dreams is furry fandom’s fiction podcast, showcasing dramatic and entertaining story readings with anthropomorphic animals. The podcast highlights quality fiction within the fandom and endeavors to bring it to a wider audience.

Come join us for story time. This first volume includes 28 stories and over 10 hours of content and features the stories of: Simon Barber, Austen Crowder, Jason Gillespie, Chris Goodwin, Phil Geusz, Renee Carter Hall, M. C. A. Hogarth, Allen Kitchen, Mark Mellon, Ken Pick, Will A. Sanborn, Sean Silva, Tim Susman, Vargr Dragonwolf and Xeans.

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