Cast of Wonders, the podcast of fiction for young adults offers up an older story from a well-known author. In The George Business by Roger Zelazny, we see a fun take on alternative methods to dealing with dragons.

The fantasy podcast PodCastle ran a nice story this week. In The Woods Behind My House by Nicolette Barischoff features a non-anthro fantasy animal. That mythical beast, along with the somber and sweet coming-of-age story around it, should be of interest to fans of Anthro Dreams.

Drabblecast – Jackalope Wives   January 28th, 2015

Drabblecast, the podcast of weird fiction, ran Jackalope Wives  by Ursula Vernon. It’s a wonderful piece of dark fantasy in a southwestern milieu, which borrows from the myths of both skinwalkers and selkies, and likely other shapeshifting tales as well.

We shouldn’t always get what we think we want…

Tonight we continue with “Dragon Man and Lonesome Woman” by Vixyy Fox, who creates a nice mix of native mysticism with character drama. In the conclusion to last week’s episode, Dan finally meets Lonesome Woman and finds out what’s required of as well as what’s offered to him.

“Dragon Man and Lonesome Woman” by Vixxy Fox

Read by Peter Katt 

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Download or listen to the episode here.

Dan, a trucker and an embittered loner, takes a job which sends him onto a lonely road at night. There he meets some odd people in need of his help and he finds himself pulled into a strange quest.

Dragon Man and Lonesome Woman by Vixxy Fox

Read by Peter Katt

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Download or listen to the story here.