AD 042 – Michael Bard Memorial   March 30th, 2012

Tonight’s story is a memorial for the author Michael Bard. Michael W. “Morgan” Bard was an avid follower and participant in the science fiction, anthropomorphic animals, and transformation fandoms, as well as a prolific writer. Friends remember collaborating on story ideas and long talks on subjects ranging the wide gamut of the genres. He had a great love for ideas and stories, and that shines through in his writing. Michael lived in Toronto, and his love for that city and his Canadian pride are also evident in many of his stories.

Stories by Michael Bard

“Friendship” read by Peter Katt

“Winter” and “Stained Glass Window”

Read by Chris Hvidsten of the Outcast Novel Podcast

Music cues by Infinity Squared

“Friendship” appeared in the fiction anthology Different Worlds, Different Skins.

Michael Bard’s memorial anthology is A Horse of Many Colours.

Download or listen to the episode here.

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