Drabblecast – A Nice Jewish Golem   June 11th, 2012

Things have been very busy for your editor, as well as some of the readers working on stories. So while we’re running behind on a new podcast, here’s a link of interest. It’s anthropomorphism of a different kind than talking animals, but is still an entertaining listen. I admit I have a soft spot for stories of artificial life as well.

Drabblecast, the weird-fiction podcast has a fun story, A Nice Jewish Golem, that shows that no matter what you’re made of, it’s never easy finding a nice girl to bring home to mother.

“Mrs. Levine, it is hard enough for someone to find the right person to love in the world, even with all the people in it. For Yeshua, it is almost impossible. Would you have him fall in love with a human girl and pine for her until his heart broke and we would have to erase
the letter that gives him life? Reduce him back to a lifeless thing?”

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