Pseudopod – Oded the Merciless   April 14th, 2010

Artificial and cybernetic constructs make for interesting characters because they offer the ability to glimpse into a non-human intelligence. Oded the Merciless by Tina Starr is a good albeit dark example of that.

While it doesn’t have any animal characters in it, the story makes good use of anthropomorphism. The computer AI is an intriguing and disturbing character which allows atrocities to be carried out first by passive limitations of  its programming and then actively with dark experimentation on the nature of the human condition.

Warning: Pseudopod is a horror podcast and the story has strong horror elements of the visceral and psychological, and is for fans of the genre and not for the faint of heart.

Drabblecast, the podcast of strange fiction for strange listeners, brings three odd and interesting tales.  Trifecta XI’s theme is anthropomorphic animals, and includes the following stories:

The Existential Lizard by Alasdair Stuart

Cod Philosophy by Stephanie Campisi

Monkeys Imitating Humans Imitating Monkeys by Nancy Stebbins

More Golem Stories   March 31st, 2010

Besides Variant Frequencies story Heart of Clay: A Saint Darwin’s Spiritual there are two other podcast stories which use golem characters.

These are from the more canonical sense, building on Jewish Mysticism and the dark historic setting of World War II. Both have some wonderfully moving character drama as well. They are:

Niels Bohr and the Sleeping Dane by Jonathon Sullivan on Escape Pod.

Brothers by J. C. Hay on Pseudopod.

While it doesn’t have any animal characters, this Variant Frequencies podcast story has an interesting flavor of anthropomorphism to it. Heart of Clay: A Saint Darwin’s Spiritual by D.K. Thompson is a nice noir fantasy steampunk crime story.

Ever since Saint Darwin returned with harvested seeds from an Egyptian bush that wouldn’t burn, golem constables have worked alongside human and ghost inspectors. They patrol England’s cobblestone streets together, keeping them safe from the monsters the patron saint of scientists exposed to the world. But when inanimate golems are being trafficked by a shadowy group of businessmen dressed up in wicked smiles and sharp teeth, it’s up to the Paranormal Patrol’s newest created member – Constable Lump – to go undercover in the gaslit night and learn where his missing brethren have vanished to, without sacrificing his newfound life getting the answers.

AD 019 – The Crossroads   March 23rd, 2010

Balam the Aztec jaguar, who had been a proud prince, now finds himself a heretic hunted by the priests. He makes his escape into the night with a lowly coyote, running for his life in this tale of dark fantasy which mixes a historical setting with Mayan mysticism.

“The Crossroads” by Eric Hinkle

Read by Peter Katt

Sound effects from the FreeSound Project

gust of wind by Tony B kksm
moucho-I by galeku
nord analog howling wind storm by medialint
Rain30s by acclivity
StickCracks by CGEffex
Violent Storm by zimm
wingflap fast 2 by philberts

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Download or listen to the episode here.