This pair of stories was written for the Midwest FurFest convention conbook. Their theme of “10 Years of MFF” inspired ideas of anniversaries and reunions.

“Ten Years” by Will A. Sanborn
Read by Chris Hvidsten of the Outcast podcast novel

“The Reunion” by Will A. Sanborn
Read by Howler

Music cues by Infinity Squared

“The Reunion” also appeared in Different Worlds, Different Skins the fiction anthology of human/anthro interactions.

Download or listen to the episode here

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Different Worlds, Different Skins   December 20th, 2009

different_skins_cover_webDifferent Worlds, Different Skins
Humanity’s Encounters with Other Races

Print Book, $17.95, available from Amazon and Lulu.

Download a sample of the book here.

What if humanity shared Earth with other sentient species? What would first contact with an alien race be like? What wonders or horrors could be wrought by our experiments to create new life-forms, both biologic and mechanical?

This anthology is rated general interest. There are a few stories which cover concepts of romantic love and sex, violence and death, however nothing explicit is shown “on screen.” The ratings of the stories range from G to PG-13.

This anthology examines these ideas, showing humanity’s interaction with the Other, in the form of anthropomorphic animals. The stories cover diverse genres, from science fiction and fantasy, to historical fiction and contemporary fables, exploring themes of race and culture and the endless possibilities of the human condition.

Featuring Stories by Michael Bard, Austen Crowder, Bernard Doove, Seth Drake, William Eakins, Lanny Fields, Phil Geusz, Jason Gillespie, Chris Goodwin, Searska Grey Raven, Renee Carter Hall, Stefan Kaiser, James R. Lane, Alan Loewen, Paul Lucas, Eric Luhman, Brian Miller, Ken Pick, J. Scott Rogers, Will A. Sanborn, Kris Schnee, Sean Silva, Tim Susman and Wookie.

Cover artwork by Sara “Caribou” Palmer.

Escape Pod – βoyfriend   October 23rd, 2009

Escape Pod’s story βoyfriend is another story featuring artificial lifeforms as characters, this time in the form of virtual dating partner apps for your smart phones. It’s an interesting concept that’s wonderfully drawn and fleshed out with some good character drama. This should strike chords with anyone who remembers being a teenager and/or being one of the quirky ones.

PodCastle – Kissing Frogs   October 18th, 2009

One of the recent stories on PodCastle brings a new twist on a classic fairy tale. Kissing Frogs updates Grimm’s story, not only with a modern setting, but new themes of both romance and self image.

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That Old Time Religion   July 18th, 2009

The Old Time Religion cover

That Old Time Religion by Will A. Sanborn

Print Book, $15.95, available from Amazon and Lulu.
eBooks, $7.95, available from Bad Dog Books.

Download a sample of the book here.

Warning: This book is for adult readers and contains sexually explicit scenes of both male/female and male/male natures. Not for sale to underage readers.

For Thomas, a college drop out looking to find his way, it was a chance meeting with the gypsy fortune teller at the carnival, but Ishandra the dragon exotic was more than she appeared. He would learn that there are immortals who walk among us, old gods who are looking for something. He soon finds himself caught up in the search of the mystery with four unique traveling companions. It’s a road trip with the gods, a strange and possibly dangerous quest, and a journey of self discovery. Thomas faces many challenges, large and small and he’ll find friendship and romance as well as intrigue, but how will the adventure change him?

Cover and illustration artwork for this book is by Heather Bruton.

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