This week we offer two flash stories with themes on inspiration.

“Missing” by Sean Silva

“Chasing Inspiration” by Will A. Sanborn

Read by Kiefer Skunk

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Download or listen to the episode here.

This pair of stories was written for the Midwest FurFest convention conbook. Their theme of “10 Years of MFF” inspired ideas of anniversaries and reunions.

“Ten Years” by Will A. Sanborn
Read by Chris Hvidsten of the Outcast podcast novel

“The Reunion” by Will A. Sanborn
Read by Howler

Music cues by Infinity Squared

“The Reunion” also appeared in Different Worlds, Different Skins the fiction anthology of human/anthro interactions.

Download or listen to the episode here

The Reluctant Reindeer, Redux   December 20th, 2009

We have a couple of Christmas stories planned for the podcast, but to get the holiday mood started, here’s a link from a Christmas story last year. It’s also the episode which kicked off the podcast.

AD 000 – The Reluctant Reindeer

Different Worlds, Different Skins   December 20th, 2009

different_skins_cover_webDifferent Worlds, Different Skins
Humanity’s Encounters with Other Races

Print Book, $17.95, available from Amazon and Lulu.

Download a sample of the book here.

What if humanity shared Earth with other sentient species? What would first contact with an alien race be like? What wonders or horrors could be wrought by our experiments to create new life-forms, both biologic and mechanical?

This anthology is rated general interest. There are a few stories which cover concepts of romantic love and sex, violence and death, however nothing explicit is shown “on screen.” The ratings of the stories range from G to PG-13.

This anthology examines these ideas, showing humanity’s interaction with the Other, in the form of anthropomorphic animals. The stories cover diverse genres, from science fiction and fantasy, to historical fiction and contemporary fables, exploring themes of race and culture and the endless possibilities of the human condition.

Featuring Stories by Michael Bard, Austen Crowder, Bernard Doove, Seth Drake, William Eakins, Lanny Fields, Phil Geusz, Jason Gillespie, Chris Goodwin, Searska Grey Raven, Renee Carter Hall, Stefan Kaiser, James R. Lane, Alan Loewen, Paul Lucas, Eric Luhman, Brian Miller, Ken Pick, J. Scott Rogers, Will A. Sanborn, Kris Schnee, Sean Silva, Tim Susman and Wookie.

Cover artwork by Sara “Caribou” Palmer.

PodCastle Stories by Eugie Foster   August 16th, 2009

PodCastle the fantasy fiction podcast has run two stories by author Eugie Foster with both anthropomorphic animals and an Eastern setting.

Daughter of Botu features rabbits and shape-changing and the story of trying to leave one world and live in another. It’s rated mature for for frank descriptions of adult events.

The Tanuki Kettle is sweet story with a mischevious tanuki and is completely G-rated.