PodCastle Stories   July 25th, 2009

PodCastle has a few other shorts which are non-furry but wonderful examples of anthropomorphism.

The Orange (general audeience) is a neat story that feels like a modern fable.

Loose Drawers (mature content) brings the dynamics of sexual and relationship politics to the auto garage.

The Desires of Houses (mature content) lives up to its title and is a wonderfully fun and creatively-bizarre idea.

PodCastle’s story Captain Fantasy and the Secret Masters is a wonderful piece. It’s non-furry, but a great story and I think people in the fandom would appreciate it. It’s a fantasy piece with super heroes and special abilities that’s equal parts actiion and adventure, alternative history and character drama and it’s a wonderfully human story. There are bits of it which make it slightly mature, but nothing explicit nor really shocking and I appreciated the way those elements were used.

It reminds me of the Union Dues stories in Escape Pod, which also have mutant superheroes, living in a world awash in shades of gray and dealing with politics and corporate restrictions as much as super villans.

Alone in the Dark   July 18th, 2009

Alone in the Dark cover

Alone in the Dark: Anthropomorphic Tales
of the Things that go Bump in the Night

Print Book, $19.95, available from Amazon and Lulu.

Download a sample of the book here.

Using the meta-genre of anthropomorphic animals, this anthology collects tales of dramatic horror, with stories that are both atmospheric and affecting. The anthropomorphism is also used in a wider sense as well, humanizing The Other, including stories with sympathetic monsters.

Warning: Most of this book is general-interest, but there are some darker and harder stories of a mature theme.

This collection provides a wide selection of horror. There’s dark fantasy and speculative fiction, stories inspired by both Rod Serling and H. P. Lovecraft. There are campfire tales and ghost stories, up through stronger tales at the darker end of the spectrum. There’s psychological horror and some non-traditional tales which add their own spooky flavor, and some lighter stories and even a bit of comic relief to balance things out.

Featuring stories by Simon Barber, Michael Bard, Austin Crowder, William Eakins, Kathleen Fenlon, Kevin Frane, Jason Gillespie, Chris Goodwin, Renee Carter Hall, Allen Kitchen, Watts Martin, Brian L. Miller, J. Scott Rogers, Will A. Sanborn, SeHT, Thomas Shaw, and Tim Susman.

And Illustration artwork by Anka, S. M. Bittler (“Synnabar”), Heather Bruton, W. Michael “Wolfie” Dooley, Amber “Vantid” Hill, and Sara “Caribou” Palmer.  Cover artwork by Sara “Caribou” Palmer.

That Old Time Religion   July 18th, 2009

The Old Time Religion cover

That Old Time Religion by Will A. Sanborn

Print Book, $15.95, available from Amazon and Lulu.
eBooks, $7.95, available from Bad Dog Books.

Download a sample of the book here.

Warning: This book is for adult readers and contains sexually explicit scenes of both male/female and male/male natures. Not for sale to underage readers.

For Thomas, a college drop out looking to find his way, it was a chance meeting with the gypsy fortune teller at the carnival, but Ishandra the dragon exotic was more than she appeared. He would learn that there are immortals who walk among us, old gods who are looking for something. He soon finds himself caught up in the search of the mystery with four unique traveling companions. It’s a road trip with the gods, a strange and possibly dangerous quest, and a journey of self discovery. Thomas faces many challenges, large and small and he’ll find friendship and romance as well as intrigue, but how will the adventure change him?

Cover and illustration artwork for this book is by Heather Bruton.

cover_new_technicolor_dreams_artbook_800The Artwork of New Technicolor Dreams

Edited by Will A. Sanborn

Print Book, $11.95, available from Lulu.

This is a companion book to New Technicolor Dreams.

The illustrations from the stories of Will A. Sanborn are collected here, displayed in a larger format to showcase the beauty of the artwork. Note: This gallery contains only the illustration artwork. It is a companion to the anthology “New Technicolor Dreams,” where Will’s stories are collected. Once you’ve seen the artwork, check out the story collection, to get the full picture of the tales shown in glimpses here.

The artwork collected here is not only from the new book, but also includes select illustrations from previous editions of Will’s story anthologies. Cover artwork for this book is by Sara “Caribou” Palmer. This gallery features art from: S. M. Bittler (“Synnabar”), Heather Bruton, Steve Carter, Lonnie DiNello (“Beerhorse”), Bernard Doove, Scott Fabianek (“K-9”), Megan Giles, E.K. Goya, Tim Johnson (“Ravenwolf”), “Melskunk,” Cara Mitten, Kacey Miyagami, Sara “Caribou” Palmer, Shannon Stuart, “Sheena Was” and “Sue Deer.”