AD 035 – Shreddy and the Zomb-Dogs   November 4th, 2011

This episode was supposed to posted before the end of October, but Santa claimed his revenge for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and the freak snowstorm that hit the North East knocked out power for most of this week.

So Happy Halloween, better late than never. We have a treat for you tonight, a dark-fantasy adventure with a character you might remember.

“Shreddy and the Zomb-dogs” is Mary E. Lowd’s second story about Shreddy, the cantankerous tabby cat who has a knack for running afoul of modern electronics. Mary’s story “The Necromouser” appeared in episode 30.

“Shreddy and the Zomb-Dogs” by Mary E. Lowd

Read by Peter Katt

Music cues by Infinity Squared

Download or listen to the episode here.




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November 19th, 2011 at 12:49 pm
Acton Says:

Great story, I will never look at cats in the same way again