Breaking the silence of the past many weeks, we bring you this powerful story of wolves and cranes, a fable of unexpected kindness amidst the food chain.

“How Cruel the Wolf” by Kadrian Blackwolf

Read by Christopher Williams

Music cues by Infinity Squared

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Things have been very busy for your editor, as well as some of the readers working on stories. So while we’re running behind on a new podcast, here’s a link of interest. It’s anthropomorphism of a different kind than talking animals, but is still an entertaining listen. I admit I have a soft spot for stories of artificial life as well.

Drabblecast, the weird-fiction podcast has a fun story, A Nice Jewish Golem, that shows that no matter what you’re made of, it’s never easy finding a nice girl to bring home to mother.

“Mrs. Levine, it is hard enough for someone to find the right person to love in the world, even with all the people in it. For Yeshua, it is almost impossible. Would you have him fall in love with a human girl and pine for her until his heart broke and we would have to erase
the letter that gives him life? Reduce him back to a lifeless thing?”

AD 042 – Michael Bard Memorial   March 30th, 2012

Tonight’s story is a memorial for the author Michael Bard. Michael W. “Morgan” Bard was an avid follower and participant in the science fiction, anthropomorphic animals, and transformation fandoms, as well as a prolific writer. Friends remember collaborating on story ideas and long talks on subjects ranging the wide gamut of the genres. He had a great love for ideas and stories, and that shines through in his writing. Michael lived in Toronto, and his love for that city and his Canadian pride are also evident in many of his stories.

Stories by Michael Bard

“Friendship” read by Peter Katt

“Winter” and “Stained Glass Window”

Read by Chris Hvidsten of the Outcast Novel Podcast

Music cues by Infinity Squared

“Friendship” appeared in the fiction anthology Different Worlds, Different Skins.

Michael Bard’s memorial anthology is A Horse of Many Colours.

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AD Flash 024 – Love is Golden   February 16th, 2012

Years before, before he became a rancher, before he found his mate, before she had shown him someone could actually care and love, he had been a killer.

“Love is Golden” by Gene Wolf

Read by Christopher Williams

Music cues by Infinity Squared

AD 041 – Ohio   February 6th, 2012

Nothing compares to a river… Lamb’s story is a lyrical tale of life and loss and finding your way in the world amidst family tragedy and the journey of adolescence.

Lamb notes that this story is dedicated to Eldyran, who probably didn’t know what he did for me in my bizarre time of need. Thank you, coyote.

“Ohio” by Lamb

Read by Stoker Bramwell

Music cues by Infinity Squared

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